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Meet Kris!

Meet Kris, our founder.  Raised in Philadelphia, Kris co-founded a video production company in college.  She has since been recognized at various international advertising and film festivals including the BFI London and Tribeca Film Festivals.

Always striving to combine her passion for documenting life with her longing to give back to others, she left her production company to start something new and exciting; Dock Your Memories.

Kris' calling was first realized when she decided to film her Grandfather's (Opa) legacy.

"Is Everyone Happy?" -my Opa

Taping her Opa's experience helped give him a feeling of purpose and perspective from sharing his story.  Her entire family was overjoyed at the thought of their Opa's life being documented so his legacy could help be preserved for future generations.  They too can now see and hear his stories of heroism and love.

After seeing the good her video had done, she decided that she wanted to share this gift with anyone who wants to honor and preserve a loved one's memories.  Kris believes that everyone has a cherished life story and that sharing and celebrating life is a special gift.