Q. How do i know which package to buy?

A. Each package is set up pretty similarly, with the exception of interview time. Extending the length of our interviews will give us more of a chance to get more details on you or your subjects story that they wish to share. It will also give you more raw footage to work with after our work is done when we'll send you all of the raw footage that was captured during the interview. In other words, it will give you future opportunities to make your own videos with that very same footage that may or may not have not been used in the original DYM film.


Q. What can i expect from a DYm film?

A. This is one of the more difficult questions to answer since every person we interview will come from a different background with their unique story. Our goal isn't to give you the same styled movie as everyone else but to have it tailored to each individual based on the information we receive so we can make their film just a unique as they are. 

Q. WHo is kris van genderen and where can i get one?

A. First hang a tiny pole outside with a yellow cloth attached to it. Within days you will find that it has been mysteriously replaced by a tiny white envelope with "Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes", written on it. Open the small pouch and go outside and plant all but one Legume under approximately 1 in' of soil. These miracle legumes won't survive only on water and sunlight, but mostly on tiny baby screams around 3am every night until you see that they have sprouted. Once they have all sprouted, take out the one legume seed that you stored in the pouch and throw it directly in the trash because you just wasted your time and are a horrible parent. Then call us and tell us about your story.